Prank Your Friends With FREE Fake Email Messages


Do you want to prank your friends & family? Sending a fake email is the perfect prank!

You can easily create a fake email with FREE fake email generators that look like it comes from an old friend, or even from a famous celebrity.

Email pranks can be a fun and harmless way to play a joke on your friends. With the help of free fake email message generators, you can easily create a fake email and send it to your friends to prank them.

In this article, we’ll talk about fake email sender websites & how to use them to prank your friends. So, if you’re ready for some harmless fun, then why not try sending a fake email today?

Fake Email Sender Websites:

Here are the best five fake email generators to make an email original & prank your friends.


Deadfake | fake email generators
PC: Deadfake

Deadfake is a well-known fake email generator that allows you to send out a fake email message. The deadfake has sent 2.7 million send fake email messages till now from its first went online.

This fake mail generator allows you to send fake email messages to anyone anonymously. There is no need for any signup or registration for sending emails.

The interface is very easy to use, allowing you to customize the fake email sender, the subject line, and the message body. Deadfake is a great option if you’re looking for a reliable and effective way to prank someone with a fake email message.

Additionally, you can read FAQs if you have any questions regarding deadfake.

Emkei’s Mailer:

Emkei's Mailer | fake email generators
PC: Emkei’s Mailer

Emkei’s Mailer is an easy-to-use free fake email generator that can help you prank your friends with fake email messages. It provides similar services as provided by deadfake.

Emkei’s Mailer allows you to easily create and send a fake email message in just a few simple steps. It also comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize your fake email messages with ease. You can even attach files if needed.

To start sending a fake email message, all you have to do is enter the recipient’s address, the subject of the email, and the message body. You can also customize the sender’s name, and reply address, and even set a time for when the email should be sent. 

Emkei’s Mailer offers 2 content-type one is text/plain and the other one is text/html. Additionally, remember in some countries you need the best VPN to access Emkei’s Mailer.

Send Anonymous Email:

Send Anonymous Email | fake email generators
PC: Send Anonymous Email

Send Anonymous Email is another great fake email generator for sending a fake email. With the help of anonymous email services, you can easily send a fake email without getting detected.

Send Anonymous Emails claimed that 60,000+ free anonymous emails are sent daily on their server which makes it the world’s largest & trusted fake email sender website.

This website is good for sending fake emails but it doesn’t provide additional features as provided by deadfake & Emkei’s Mailer. It doesn’t provide you with link attachment & formatting features.

Remember, Send Anonymous Email strictly prohibits the misuse of its services. According to its terms, if any illegal activities such as death threats, abuse, slander, etc. are detected, the company will reveal the sender’s IP address and ban them from using the site.


Anonymailer | fake email generators
PC: Anonymailer

Anonymailer is a free fake email message sender that allows you to create and send fake email messages quickly and easily. 

The great thing about Anonymailer is that you can create fake email messages with a customized sender address so that the recipient won’t know it was sent by you. Additionally, Anonymailer doesn’t provide email attachments or other features in the free version.

There are two membership plans Beginner & Advance and these plans are further categorized into 3 different plans. 

The Beginner plans have three parts Plan C1, Plan C2, & Plan C3. The price for plan C1 is $9 for 7 days with 10 emails, plan C2 is $19 for 3 months with 20 emails, and plan C3 for $58 for the year with 50 emails. 

The Advance plans have three parts Plan T1, Plan T2, and plan T3. The price for plan T1 is $97 for 7 days with 140 emails, plan C2 is $399 for 3 months with 1800 emails, and plan C3 is $699 for the year with 7300.

Personally recommend not choosing this.


GuerrillaMail | fake email generators
PC: GuerrillaMail

GuerrillaMail is another free fake email sender website that provides users to send emails anonymously. 

GuerrillaMail doesn’t allow you to add a custom “FROM” address. You will send fake emails with available domain names to someone & you also cant change font color or font style.

This fake email generator allows you to attach files with emails up to the size of 150MB. Additionally, it stores mail for 60 minutes on its server & after 60 minutes it will automatically remove the mail.

The service of GuerrillaMail is also free and does not require users to provide any payment information. You also don’t need any signup or registration to access their services.


Sending an email on behalf of another person raises ethical and moral issues, and can lead to legal consequences based on the message and the recipient’s response. 

Therefore, it is important to only use fake email generators for lighthearted fun and pranks with friends, and not for any malicious purposes.

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