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SEO or search engine optimization is an essential aspect of digital marketing. It helps to rank our businesses and website’s in search engine results, and increased traffic and potential customers. While there are many paid tools and services available for SEO, there are also several free google SEO tools that can help to improve our search engine rankings.

As a digital marketer or SEO professional, keyword research is an essential part of our strategy for the growth of the business instead of doing marketing through Social Media platforms. It helps us to understand what our audience is searching for, so we can create content that is relevant to our audience and will rank in search engine results pages (SERPs).

In this article, we will discuss free Google SEO tools that maximize our SEO strategy.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console
PC: Google Search Console

With Google Search Console you can monitor and maintain your website’s presence in Google search results. It provides valuable insights into how your website is performing, including any issues that may be affecting your search rankings. With Google Search Console, you can track your website’s performance, fix crawl errors, and submit your sitemap to Google.

To use Google Search Console, you’ll need to add and verify your website in the tool. This can be done by adding a unique HTML tag to your site’s homepage or by uploading a special file to your website’s root directory. Once your website is verified, you’ll be able to access a range of features and reports that can help you optimize your site for search.

A few notable features of Google Search Console are:

  • Index Coverage report:

This shows which pages on your site have been indexed by Google, and any errors that may have prevented them from being indexed.

  • Search Traffic report:

This shows which queries are driving traffic to your site, and how often your site appears in search results.

  • Sitemaps report:

This allows you to submit your sitemap and individual URLs for crawling, and see any errors that may have occurred during the crawling process.

  • Mobile Usability report:

This report shows any issues usability of your sites with the mobile screen, such as text that is too small or links that are too close together.

  • Security Issues report:

Alerts you to any security issues on your site, such as malware or phishing attacks.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Tool
PC: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another powerful SEO analytic tool provided by Google that track and analyzes your website traffic. It provides detailed information about how users interact with your website, including the number of visitors, the pages they visit, the length of time they spend on your site, and the sources of their traffic. 

This information can help you identify opportunities to improve your website and increase its visibility in search results.

To use Google Analytics, you’ll need to create an account and install a small piece of tracking code on your website. This code will collect data about your website’s traffic and send it to the Google Analytics servers, where it will be processed and stored. 

You can then access this data through the Google Analytics dashboard, where you can view a range of reports and charts that provide insights into your website’s performance.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner Tool
PC: Google Keyword Planner

Keyword research is an important element of SEO because it helps you understand what your target audience is looking for. It’s a free keyword research tool for SEO that helps you to find the best keyword strategy for your website to rank higher in Google search results.

For using Google Keyword Planner, you’ll need to create a Google Ads account and sign in to the tool. Once you’re signed in, you can enter a keyword planner tool where you find keywords that are related to your business or product. The tool will generate a list of related keywords along with their monthly search volume, Competition, and estimated cost-per-click (CPC) bid range. 

If you’re in search of a free keyword research tool for SEO, Google Keyword Planner is worth considering.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights Tool
PC: Google PageSpeed Insights

Page speed is an important factor in SEO because it can affect your website’s ranking and user experience. Google PageSpeed Insights is a free google SEO tool that analyzes your website’s speed and provides recommendations for improvement.

Google PageSpeed Insights is a free SEO tool provided by Google that analyzes the performance of a Website on both desktop and mobile devices. It provides a score based on the page’s performance and provides suggestions for improvements.

Google PageSpeed Insights is a great free SEO tool for website owners and web developers who want to improve the performance of their websites. By following the recommendations provided by this tool you can make your pages load faster and provide a better user experience.

Google My Business

Google My Business Tool
PC: Google My Business

Google My Business is a free and best tool that allows you to control how your business appears in Google search results and on Google Maps.

It allows businesses to create and verify a listing for their business, which includes information such as the business’s name, address, phone number, website, and hours of operation.

To use Google My Business, you’ll need to create an account and add your business to the tool. This involves verifying your business’s physical location and providing additional information about your business, such as the products or services you offer, your business hours, and photos of your business. 

Once your business is listed in Google My Business, it will be eligible to appear in Google search results and on Google Maps.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio Tool
PC: Google Cloud

Google Data Studio is a cloud-based data visualization and reporting platform that allows users to create interactive dashboards and reports from various data sources. It can be used to analyze and explore data, share insights with others, and communicate findings in an effective and visually appealing way.

Data Studio offers a variety of features and capabilities, including:

  • Integration with a wide range of data sources, including Google products such as Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, and Google Sheets, as well as third-party sources like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and CSV files.
  • A drag-and-drop interface for building dashboards and reports, with a wide selection of chart types, gauges, and other visualization options.
  • Collaboration tools that allow users to share and edit dashboards and reports in real-time, with the ability to set permissions and control access to data.
  • Customization options for adding logos, branding elements, and other design elements to make dashboards and reports visually appealing and professional.

Data Studio is a powerful tool for businesses, organizations, and individuals who need to analyze and communicate data in an effective and visually appealing way. It is free to use, with the option to purchase additional features and capabilities through a paid plan.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts Tool
PC: Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a service that allows you to receive notifications whenever new content that matches specific search terms appears on the web. You can set up alerts for a variety of topics, such as news articles, blog posts, or mentions of specific keywords or phrases.

To use Google Alerts, you will need a Google account. Once you have an account, you can go to the Google Alerts website and enter the search terms that you are interested in tracking. You can choose to receive alerts via email or as a notification in your web browser. 

You can also specify how often you want to receive alerts, and whether you want to receive alerts for all new content or only the most relevant results.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager Tool
PC: Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager allows you to quickly and easily add tracking and marketing code snippets to your website. It allows you to manage all of your website tags in one place, rather than having to manually add code to your website’s HTML.

To use Google Tag Manager, you will need to create an account and install a small piece of code on your website. This code allows Google Tag Manager to communicate with your website and manage your tags. Once the code is installed, you can use the Google Tag Manager interface to add and manage your tags.

Google Tag Manager includes Google Analytics tracking code, AdWords conversion tracking, and marketing pixels from platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool
PC: Google Mobile-Friendly Test

The Google Mobile-Friendly Test is a tool offered by Google that allows you to check whether a webpage is mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly webpage is one that is easy to read and navigate on a smartphone or other mobile device.

Simply enter the URL of the webpage that you want to test in the tool’s input field and click the “Test URL” button. The tool will then analyze the webpage and provide a report on its mobile-friendliness.

It is important to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, as more and more people are using their smartphones to access the internet. A mobile-friendly website can improve the user experience for these visitors and may also rank better in Google’s search results.

Google Trends

Google trends Tool
PC: Google Trends

Google Trends is another free SEO tool that allows you to compare the popularity of different keywords and see how they have trended in Google’s search engine over time. You can use this information to identify popular topics and optimize your content accordingly. 

To use Google Trends, simply go to the Google Trends website and enter the search terms that you are interested in. You can then view a graph showing the relative popularity of those search terms over time, as well as a list of related terms and the locations where the search terms are most popular and searched. you can use this for SEO strategy for better results.

It can be especially useful for marketers and researchers who want to understand the interests and needs of their target audience.


In conclusion, using free Google SEO tools can be a valuable asset in maximizing your SEO strategy. By leveraging these tools, you can make informed decisions about how to optimize your website and drive more traffic to your online business. Overall, incorporating these free google SEO tools resources into your SEO strategy can help you effectively and efficiently improve your website’s ranking and drive more traffic to your online business.

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